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How do I reset my Okta Plug-ins!

Oct 12, 2015 | by Thomas Hill in Getting Started
Original Author: James Garvin,  Customer Success Manager, Okta

"Ah yes, Reapers. The immortal race of sentient starships allegedly waiting in dark space. We have dismissed that claim." -Turian Councilor Sparatus

Have you ever accidentally clicked never on the Okta Plugin toolbar?  Have you even just wanted to start fresh with it?  This is the document for you.  As of right now, the process is a bit manual, but with this list it's easy to do.


Open Chrome and go to settings Menu -> Tools -> Extensions and check Developer Mode in the upper right side.

Find the ID of the extension for Okta.  In my case the ID is glnpjglilkicbckjpbgcfkogebgllemb

In Windows 7 or 8 navigate to

Chrome installation directory > User Data > Default > Local Storage and delete the local storage with the same ID as the extension


by opening Finder and navigating to /Applications/Utilities.  Then double click Terminal.

At the prompt, type the commands:

> cd ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Extensions/glnpjglilkicbckjpbgcfkogebgllemb/3.16.5_0/js/common

> rm local-storage.js


In Firefox, install the Firebug plugin.  It can be found at:

Navigate to the problem Org and open Firebug.  For example  In Firefox click Tools -> Web Developer -> Firebug -> Open Firebug

In Firebug select the DOM tab and scroll to search for localstorage.  In localstorage, delete the key by right clicking and selecting delete.  This should reset the site.


OS X before Lion:
Open a terminal by opening Finder and navigating to /Applications/Utilities.  Then double click Terminal.

At the prompt, type the commands:

> cd ~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage
> ls

This will list all the files in the directory.  Search for a file that has a similar format https_orgname.okta-admin.com_0.localstorage

Type the command:

> rm https_orgname.okta-admin.com_0.localstorage

OS X Lion or better:

Click on 'Finder'

On the top menu bar click on go and simultaneously hold down the option key and alt key.  While you're holding the keys, select Library.  In the list, select Safari -> Local Storage and find the Okta Org cookie to remove.  It will have a similar format to https_orgname.okta-admin.com_0.localstorage


The persistent.dat file, associated with the plugin, needs to be removed.  To do this delete the appropriate .dat file:

Windows XP

<user_home_dir>\Local Settings\Application Data\Okta\IE Plugin\persistent_x86.dat

Windows 7

<user_home_dir>\AppData\LocalLow\Okta\IE Plugin\persistent_x86.dat


  • Emanuel Costisor on June 6, 2017

    There is a better and more user friendly method of resetting the Okta plugin.
    Regardless of browser and OS, click on the Okta plugin in the browser window and in the search field type /settings then hit enter on your keyboard:
    User-added image

    On the settings menu, click on Reset local storage:
    User-added image

    Now restart the browser and the plugin should be reset.