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Tips for Admins: Managing Multiple Oktae

Oct 13, 2015 | by Thomas Hill in Getting Started

Original Author:  Matthew Travers, Sr. Technical Instructor,Okta

Oktae or Oktas?

What is the plural Okta?

A vast mystery.

One of the unique challenges faced by the Identity Administrator is the task of managing the proliferation of Administrative accounts and permissions that are themselves used to manage the similarly numerous User accounts and permissions.  By way of example, I manage between 4-5 Okta instances at any given time in the course of my duties as an Okta Instructor. I have my Work Okta, my Test Okta (Production), my Test Okta (Preview), and my Demonstration Okta I use to create training videos (among others).

My colleagues and I have found that managing multiple Oktae within the same browser can lead to confusion (where did I make that change?) or worse, to false confirmation of a successful test (ex.  a login test is apparently successful, but actually reused a cookie from another instance).

The short answer is to use a different browser for each Okta. In a pinch, this is sufficient. However, what do you do if you need to have more active Oktae than you have available browsers?

Solution: Chrome Profiles

This method may not be ideal for everyone but it has worked very well for me. By compartmentalizing my Oktae into their own Chrome Profile windows I get logical separation (with cute icons!), I get clean cookie stores for accurate testing, and I get a consistent browser experience across my greater environment. Throw in the easy access to Incognito Mode and I'm a happy camper.