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Okta ServiceNow Integration Guide

Oct 08, 2015 | by Thomas Hill in Getting Started
Taking advantage of the new ServiceNow Eureka Okta Plugin

With the release of the Eureka version of ServiceNow, there is a new way to configure SSO in addition to the traditional SAML method.  This new method is implemented as a ServiceNow plugin, called “SSO provided by Okta, Inc.”.  This plugin enables 2 things:
  1. ServiceNow customers can setup SSO to an existing Okta org.
  2. ServiceNow customers can create a brand new Okta org, and simultaneously setup SSO with that org.
As mentioned above, this method is available an alternative to using the traditional setup screens for SAML SSO to ServiceNow.   Both methods will produce a working SAML SSO connection. 
ServiceNow has also documented much of what you’ll read in this document here: https://wiki.servicenow.com/index.php?title=OKTA_SSO_Integration, but sans some of the Okta specific details.

Here is a link to the full Okta ServiceNow Integratoin Guide