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Oct 05, 2015 | by Thomas Hill in Administration

Original Author:  Lawrence York, Sr. Technical Consultant, Okta

As some folks may be new to Okta administration, here is my quick list of helpful tools used in troubleshooting and configuring applications in Okta. As this list may not cover all tools in existence, please feel free to add those most helpful to you.

Browser Extensions

Great tools for managing browser sessions and extracting assertions.


Proxies & Packet Analyzers


Great tools for analyzing network traffic and peeking into those encrypted requests.


Directory Management

Active Directory Users and Compters (ADUC) is a given but here are a few more I find helpful.


It helps to have a tool that can ease the eye strain when viewing XML and JSON.

API Development

Great clients to get you on the path of writing custom code against the Okta API.

Flow Charting

Tools to help visualize and articulate your application's integration with Okta.

Communities and Forums

Last but not least, the most important set of tools of all. The two best places to find the right answers, receive training and post any question that may come along.