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Enhanced Secure Web Authentication for Custom Portals

Sep 14, 2015 | by Thomas Hill in Security

Original Author: Ed Sawma, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Okta

Most employees of companies that use Okta log in and use the Okta portal every day to get to their applications and be productive. We know many businesses though have made large investments in building enterprise portals that they've successfully driven as the starting point for employees. To integrate with those portals, for years Okta has offered several options. For any application, you can get the link to that application from the app config page to put the link anywhere on your own portal. Beyond that, using the Okta API, you can dynamically get the list of applications a user has access to, as well as the application links to access those applications, authenticated through Okta. Okta can handle authenticating users with our login page, then sending them to your portal, or, you can write a custom login experience and call the Okta API.

We've added another enhancement for customers with this use case. Now, for applications with forms-based login, where Okta would use Secure Web Authentication (SWA), the Okta plug-in can now be configured to redirect a user to a default login page if they try to access the application URL directly.

For more information: Okta Help Center - Redirecting Users to a Custom Login Page