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Enhanced Provisioning For Salesforce.com

Sep 14, 2015 | by Thomas Hill in Okta Application Network

Original Author: Ed Sawma, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Okta

Salesforce.com is the 2nd most integrated application among Okta customers. For a long time, it was #1, until just recently being unseated by Office 365.

Given the importance to our customers, we are excited to announce a powerful new provisioning integration with Salesforce.com. This is far and away the best integration available today between your identity infrastructure and Salesforce.com.

This Provisioning integration leverages the power of Okta Universal Directory, and adds reach features to manage how data is synchronized to Salesforce.com:

  • Provision rich user-profile data from Okta to Salesforce.com, such as users' rich contact data
  • Provision manager relationship information stored in Active Directory
  • Import rich user-profile data from Salesforce to Okta
  • Create new user attributes in your Salesforce.com tenant and let Okta provision and import them
  • Customize user attributes and mappings via Universal Directory

For full details: Okta Help Center - Universal Directory Integration with Salesforce.com