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Business @ Work Report

Sep 10, 2015 | by Thomas Hill
User-added imageThis month we released our first-ever Businesses @ Work Report, an in-depth look at how organizations and people all over the world get work done today. Based on data compiled from our network of over 4,000 applications and millions of daily authentications worldwide, the report details the preferences of IT leaders, employees and developers by exploring how they access and secure both applications and mobile devices.

We are excited to share our findings with the public, as we believe we have a unique vantage point into the apps and services that organizations choose to help their employees, customers and partners be more productive and flexible. And we hope the data is both helpful and actionable for those of you making serious investments in cloud and mobile technology.

Here are some key highlights:

Size doesn’t (really) matter in the cloud. Today’s mobile, cloud-based environment has leveled the playing field. Small companies now have access to the same tools that large enterprises do – and are adopting and securing them at similar rates.

Apps can rise in popularity just as fast as they can fall. It’s more important than ever to deliver constant value to users, otherwise they’ll abandon you as soon as something newer and better enters the market. Certain services have maintained early leadership positions – including, AWS and Box – but others have lost ground to competition.

Traditional security questions like “What’s your mother’s maiden name?” are on the decline as a form of verification. New forms of authentication like push notifications on phones and watches have become more popular. And innovation is happening quickly – we predict even more movement on this front.

Identity management isn’t just for employees, but for partners and customers. When we started Okta, we set out to help companies connect their employees to technology. In the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in demand for identity management for third parties and, as a result, the number of our customer’s external identities in the cloud has grown at incredible rates.

SAML is finally the security standard it set out to be. As companies put a premium on security, developers are increasingly building apps with SAML enabled from the start.

To learn more about the steps companies are taking to equip their employees, partners and customers with the right tools to be productive and secure, check out our full Businesses @ Work report and share your thoughts with us @Okta with the hashtag #BusinessesAtWork.

All the best,