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Office 365 Integration Updates

Sep 01, 2015 | by Thomas Hill in Office 365

Original Author: Anit Shiwak, Director Product Marketing, Okta

We have recently announced the following improvements to the Okta integration with Office 365:

  1. The ability to provision users with increased attributes – Admins can now choose to provision an enhanced user profile that contains many more attributes (increased from 4).
  2. Centralized control over Office 365 licenses in Okta – Admins now have the ability to specify which Office 365 services are enabled during user provisioning. This granular licensing feature will be rolled out to customers over the coming weeks. Contact your Okta Support representative for more information. See Okta Enhancements with Microsoft Office 365 Integration for more details.

    3. Simplified WS-Fed configuration (in Early Access, Please contact support if you wish to enable it)

    4. We have enhanced Microsoft Office 365 user provisioning by allowing admins to map custom attributes not included in the default profile. For example, admins can now add a mapping for ProxyAddresses attribute. For instructions on using this feature, see Okta Enhancements with Microsoft Office 365 Integration.

Last but not least, we are still recruiting beta customers for the Enhanced Provisioning (Replacing Dirsync) that we announced last month. Please contact us if interested.