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Drive Provisioning Directly From Ultipro

Sep 01, 2015 | by Thomas Hill in Lifecycle Management

Original Author, Ed Sawma, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Okta

Okta now enables customers with Ultipro to drive AD, Okta and app provisioning all directly from Ultipro. We call this HR-driven IT Provisioning. We have supported Workday as a master for this use case for years. Today we're happy to say that customers with Ultipro can now use Okta's market-leading capability of directly integrating your HR system to all your IT systems.

  • Create, Update, and Deactivate Active Directory and Okta accounts automatically
  • Assign users in Active Directory and Okta to groups, based on attributes in their HR profile (Group Membership Rules in currently in Beta)
  • Drive all user provisioning and deprovisioning of applications, automatically based on changes to a user profile in Ultipro
Here are two important demo videos:

Reach out to Okta support for more information.