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Okta Prevent Browser Save Password Banner (Beta)

Aug 31, 2015 | by Thomas Hill in Security

Original Author: Eric Karlinsky, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Okta

We are excited to release a beta feature called Okta Prevent Browser Save Password Banner! With the Okta plugin in place, we figured that it could be annoying and redundant for the end-user to see the browser prompt to remember the password. The Okta Prevent Browser Save Password Banners feature allows IT admins to prevent end-users' browsers from displaying “Save Password” banners when they access an application from Okta.

Note: This feature is currently in beta, so that the feature will not appear in your UI until we have enabled it for you explicitly. Participation instructions are below.

Enabling Prevent Browser Save Password:

  1. Sign in as the admin and navigate to the Browser Plugin box (Settings—>Customization—>Browser—>Plugin).
  2. Click Edit and change the Prevent browser from saving users’ passwords to Yes.


  • This feature is supported by Browser Plugin version 5.0 and greater

To participate in the Beta::

  • Send an email to beta@okta.com with a subject of "Okta Prevent Browser Pop-ups". Please include the following:
    • Your contact info (email and phone)
    • In what org do you need the feature enabled? (For this beta, we strongly advise using a test org)
  • Your participation won't take much time
    • We will contact you, send more documentation, and enable the feature
    • It takes 2 minutes to configure
    • You play with the feature, and we'll contact you after 2-3 weeks to get feedback


  • siops localaccount on June 12, 2018

    I would also like an update on when we can expect to see this feature reach GA.  

  • HenkJan de Vries on May 23, 2017

    Is this still in Beta, or is this now a EA or GA feature?

    trying to keep track of all the features flying around the community.

  • Jonathan Whitehouse on April 7, 2017

    Did this feature make it into a release?