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Integrated Identity and Mobility Management for Mac OS X

Aug 02, 2016 | by Mike Paiko in Mobile

We’re living in the connected era, and mobile-first continues to gain momentum in the enterprise. A 2015 survey by 451 Research showed that 40 percent of companies are prioritizing the mobilization of business apps during the next two years. While mobility promises organizations greater agility in the enterprise, enterprise desktop/laptop management has not changed along with it. Even today, IT purchases a laptop, images it, assigns a group policy, and then delivers it to the employee, creating a very complex environment that requires a lot of time and specific skills to manage.

With each iteration of Mac OS X, Macs are becoming more smartphone-like with enterprise-ready management features built into the OS. This evolution is creating an opportunity to leave legacy management behind and move to an integrated identity and mobility management solution to secure and manage Mac devices in your organization, while at the same time meeting the mobility needs of your employees.

Okta Mobility Management (OMM) leverages Mac OS X’s native management capabilities to help you easily configure, secure, and report on your Mac devices without the need for intrusive, agent-based, heavyweight device management.

Today, OMM can create profiles for Mac OS X that enforce security controls, configure  enterprise services, and provide visibility on hardware and software usage. Some sample capabilities include: 

  • Remotely configure important services such as email, VPN, and Wi-Fi

  • Enforce passcode requirements and inactivity timeouts

  • Perform remote lock-outs, selectively wipe corporate data and access and even execute a factory reset

Furthermore, OMM can give you visibility into important device posture information, including device encryption, security settings, device ownership and installed apps, to help ensure license compliance.

Finally, as an integrated identity and mobility solution, OMM ensures that company data doesn’t leave with a departing employee by automatically deprovisioning devices during user deactivation.

You may be at a point where you need more formal, automated control over your Macs. Okta Mobility Management provides that control with a single, unified, easy-to-use solution for all your iOS, Android, and Mac OS X devices with no limits on the number of devices per user.

The best part it that all of this can be accomplished without recalling Macs already deployed in the field. As with all of our solutions, OMM is identity-centric, and makes it easy for employees to self enroll through the Okta User Portal in minutes, accelerating adoption of OS X management in a truly seamless and non-disruptive way.

To learn more about our complete and integrated identity and mobility solution, check out the Okta Mobility Management page. If you are an existing OMM customer interested in leveraging OMM to manage OS X devices, contact your Okta support representative to enable the feature.