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The Admin UI is getting a facelift!

Aug 21, 2015 | by Thomas Hill in Administration

Original Author: Brian Hansen, Director of UX,, Okta

The UX team has been hard at work refreshing the admin app UI.  The admin UI refresh is focused on modernizing the visual design and aligning the style with the new end-user UI.  We've added custom fonts, a new font-based icon set for better scaling on retina displays, single-level navigation, a cleaner more open layout, and a whole bunch of freshly polished pixels.  In short: we didn't change any major functionality, our goal was make the admin UI more beautiful because we believe that beauty improves usability.

The most significant functional change is the new single-level nav with drop menus for secondary items.  The drop menu navigation allows for direct access to secondary pages and a cleaner, more scalable UI.

We changed a couple of labels in the navigation as part of our GA of Universal Directory and Okta Mobility Management:

  • ​​People is now called Directory
  • Directories is now called Directory Integrations (the path to your Active Directory instances is now Directory > Directory Integrations)
  • Devices will now show up under Directory

You can expect to see these changes show up in production the week of March 9th. We hope you like the changes as much as we do!  More importantly, let us know what you think by commenting in the Community.

The People list with the new UI layout.

Finding the Directory > People page


New drop menu navigation with updated labels.

Sample drop down menu - Okta Admin Console


Universal Directory is now GA and has more coaching in the UI.

Learn about University Directory