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Okta in your users's language: Deutsch and 日本人

Aug 21, 2015 | by Thomas Hill in Administration

Original Author: Hassen Karaa, Director of Product Management, Okta

As we continue to grow with our customers, our end users are increasingly more diverse and represent more countries and languages throughout the world. In order to support our ever growing user base, we'll be making the Okta user experience available in numerous languages over the course of this year.

We're very excited to announce that we have just released the Beta of the Okta end user experience in German and Japanese. You may be wondering why did we start with these specific languages. It's simple: the German language tends to run longer space wise so starting with it helps us identify any space overrun type issues. Japanese is a little more personal: many of our current customers have Japanese users and have requested that we prioritize Japanese.


To get started with this feature, set the default language for your organization under Settings -> Customization

Admin selects display language


Users will see the default language the very first time they sign in to Okta. However, they can choose their preferred language under Settings:
User selects display language

Read more about this feature here.