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Mobility Management now Supports Wi-Fi Config and Jail Break Detection

Aug 21, 2015 | by Niki Vecsei in Mobile

Original Author: Arturo Hinjosa, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Okta

We are happy to announce two new features for Okta Mobility Management:

  • Jail break and root detection (Generally Available)
  • Wi Fi provisioning

These two new features make it even easier to secure your environment and help on board new users faster and with less support from IT.

Jail Break Detection

Admins can immediately see if a device has been jailbroken or rooted by selecting Devices from the Admin Dashboard, then scrolling down to the Device Security section. Select Jailbroken/Rooted to see a list of affected OMM devices.

View jailbroken/rooted devices in Okta Mobility Management


See Configuring Okta Mobility Management for more information.

Wi-Fi Provisioning (Early Access)

Admins can automatically push one or more wifi configurations to their end users upon enrollment in OMM.  Once a wifi configuration been pushed out, your end users can join a wifi network without having enter any security information.

To configure wifi:

Select Security > Policies from the Admin dashboard.  As with other Policies, there is always a Default Policy that applies in all situations if no other policy applies.

Either click Edit to edit the default policy, or click Add New Policy to create a new wifi policy.



Enter the following information:

For new policies:

Policy Name: Enter a unique name.

Policy Description: Enter a description.

Assign to groups: Type in the name of the groups this policy will apply to.


For all policies:

SSID: Enter the wifi network name (SSID)

Encryption Type: Enter one of: None, WPA/WPA2, or WEP.

Shared Key: Enter the shared key, or password, for this wifi connection

Click Update or Create Policy

Adding Rules

Wifi rules determine whether users are allowed access to a wifi configuration.

All users have a Default Rule that is initially set to Access is Disabled. Note that you cannot edit the Default Rule for the Default Policy, which has Wifi Access set to Disabled.

Either click the pencil icon to edit an existing rule (non-default policy only) to enable wifi access, or click Add Rule to create a new rule that gives users wifi access. Use the dropdown menu to specify that wifi access is enabled: