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Improved Remember Me Functionality

Jul 15, 2016 | by Arturo Hinojosa in MFA


We have improved the end user experience so when a user is prompted for Multi-factor Authentication to be more intuitive.

Now, the MFA prompt check boxes reflect the policy settings in effect to make the behavior clearer for users.

The table below shows how policy settings are reflected on the prompt page.

Admin Policy Setting

Caption Text

Per Device

“Do not challenge me again from this device”

Per Session

“Do not challenge me on this device for the next {Factor Lifetime}”

Every Time

No check box


This change effects Okta Sign-On Policies and App Sign-On Policies and applies to old and new sign-in flows. The updated experience will show up automatically in your org – you don’t have to reach out to support to have it enabled.

Keep in mind both Per Device and Per Session policies require that the end user opt-in by checking the check box. If the end user does not check the check box, the user will be prompted again the next time they log in. Okta’s ability to recognize a device is dependent on a persistent cookie, and we don’t push that cookie unless the user opts-in.