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New Beta Feature: Unknown Device Email Notification

Jun 27, 2016 | by Ahmed Al-Bahar in Security

We are excited to release a beta feature called Unknown Device Email Notification.

Today, if a user’s credentials are compromised, an attacker can silently access that account with little chance of detection. The email provides information about the date and time of the login, the location, the device information as well as the IP address. This capability improves account security by notifying a user every time they connect to Okta from a new device. This feature enhances Okta's MFA solution, and builds on Okta’s efforts around providing a rich policy framework and more device management capabilities.

The Feature

End-User Point of View
As an end-user, to get started, open a browser in Incognito mode, a browser you’ve never logged into Okta from before, or a browser on a device you haven’t logged into Okta from before. These are all ‘unrecognizable’ browsers from Okta’s point of view. Log into your Okta account from that browser.  

Login Page view when accessed from an unrecognized device

Once you finish logging in, you will be taken to your Okta org homepage. You will also have received the following email from Okta notifying you of a sign-in from an unrecognized browser or device. The email contains details on the type of device, the data and time, the location, and the IP address. 
Unknown device email received by the end user.

Admin Point of View
As an Admin, you can also customize the email that is automatically sent. On your Admin page, go to Settings -> Customize Email and SMS. At the bottom of the list of Email templates, click on Okta Authentication Notification. Here, you can customize the email template for the authentication email.
Admin is able to customize email to end user for unknown device.
How to Participate in the Beta Program
We're excited to get your feedback for this feature! If you'd like to participate in the beta program, please do the following:
  • Send an email to with a subject of "Beta: Unknown Device Email Notification"
  • Please include the following:
    • Your name and company
    • Your Okta preview or sandbox tenant URL (example - you want this feature enabled on
After we have received an email to participate, we should contact you with helpful testing documentation and enable the feature in your Okta preview or sandbox tenant.  

We look forward to any feedback.

Okta Product Team


  • Emile Luke on January 22, 2018

    Hi,   Did this feature ever make  it out of beta?   Thanks.