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Why use Okta with… IBM Connections Cloud?

Jun 14, 2016 | by Edward Holliday in Okta Application Network
IBM Connections Cloud is IBM’s Social Business platform and includes their new cloud email system IBM Verse, and a suite of other collaboration tools – Files, Communities, Chat & Meetings – an evolution of their on-premise Connections platform migrated to the SaaS model.

Although not as well-known as Microsoft’s O365 IBM’s Connections Cloud is a well-designed social business platform, rated #1 in worldwide market share of the enterprise social software market by IDC for the last five years

IBM Connections Cloud has been around for about 7 years under various brand names, Blue Pages, Lotuslive, Smartcloud, and has developed from a loose collection of different applications into a fully integrated collaborative suite with full mobile support. Also worth mentioning is that we have some great Okta partners delivering solutions in this space such as RealConnections, Neo.Dashboard and Factor-Y

For collaboration apps like Connections Cloud adoption success is often critical. Large enterprises are littered with portal and collaboration systems set up and being used by different fans of one or another workspace that were never adopted by enough employees.

How can Okta improve adoption and provide seamless access for IBM Connections Cloud customers?

IBM Connections Cloud

When you SSO IBM connections Cloud with Okta, the ‘organization login’ page feature detects when a user from a company email domain tries to access from an employee’s desktop and seamlessly signs them on to all the IBM office and collaboration apps at once. Finally you should disable 'email verification for new users' in the Connections tenant account settings, to ensure new employees aren't sent a password and always use SSO to access.

Okta homepage with IBM Connections apps

No passwords in sight! Users access the apps through Okta SSO.

What about provisioning between Okta and IBM Connections, which is important for adoption in large enterprises, where syncronisation of provisioning events through CSV/ SFTP becomes impractical? It would be a great next step if the Connections team could roadmap SCIM and allow Okta to work on providing an automated connector at some point.

What about Notes mail access on my smartphone?

If you aren't looking at Maas360, you could consider Okta OMM
  • End users download and register 'Okta mobile' from the app store and then Okta Mobility Management auto-configures and pushes the users Notes mailbox/ calendar/ contacts to the iOS native mail app - no configuration or passwords ever required!

IBM Notes on OMM

Or they can use Okta to access their Connections community on the desktop

IBM Connections communities

Or their files

Connections file access

Or any other applications which they have access to.  This is a great and easy way to provide users with one click direct connection to different parts of IBM Connections, rather than having to go into Connections and then navigate to the application they want.

What about Domino directory?

We can also help customers with IBM Domino address book authenticate their 'boundary' or 'blue collar workers' users from Domino LDAP instead (or as well as) Active Directory.