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Do you suffer from AWS diplopia?

Jun 10, 2016 | by Raphael Londner in Okta Application Network

Are you struggling with managing your Amazon Web Services accounts across your company?

If so, you might want to hear about a creative way to solve your problem with Okta, while implementing Amazon's best security practices.

After AWS released its multiple account security strategy whitepaper, we realized it was about time for us to let you know how you could leverage cross-account IAM roles with Okta to delegate access between AWS accounts. This will streamline the governance of your AWS accounts while providing an easier and more secure experience for your end users.

To help you plan your AWS and Okta account architecture, we recently published the AWS Okta Integration Guide, which we hope will help you set up cross-account roles in your various AWS accounts and have them surface in Okta so you can assign them to your users.

Furthermore, if you prefer to use the command line interface to manage your AWS services, we also designed a free AWS CLI Assume Role tool that takes care of all the heavy lifting necessary to generate temporary, local credentials and use the AWS CLI with your Okta account. We even provide the full source code on GitHub. All the necessary details to use the tool are in our AWS Okta Integration Guide. We also have a dedicated support article, Integrating the Amazon Web Services Command Line Interface Using Okta.

Last but not least, we will be present at Oktane16, so if you’d like to get the lowdown from us in person, register now to be with us in Las Vegas between August 29th and 31st, 2016!