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Erica Christiansen

Apr 07, 2016 | by Beth Wang

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Tell us a bit about yourself and your role:
My official title is Database Administrator but I wear a lot of hats, as does everyone in our IT department. I have a Bachelors in Computer Science and Technology, Associate in Computer Infrastructure, Bachelors in Computer Information Systems, and a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. Yes... I do have a lot of student loans. For Crossland, I handle all our database work, systems integrations, I manage Okta, Box, Zendesk, and any training that is IT related.

How long have you been an Okta customer?
About a year.

How has your role evolved since first using Okta?
Our processes in IT have gotten more streamlined. My role is manager of our Okta instance, but other than that, it's about the same. We do have fewer phone calls about logins though!

What's your best advice for someone just starting with Okta?
Yes... it IS that easy. Don't overthink it.

How would you describe your company culture?
Crossland is a tight family unit. It's family-run company and I am proud to be part of it. Get in and get it done and get it done right the first time seems to be a theme.

What keeps you coming back to the Okta Community?
I like to read what others are doing with Okta and how Okta is changing other companies too. The more minds and ideas, the more we can grow. #LameButTrueStatement ... Not just as companies but as humans.

Favorite Okta memory?
When Box turned on SSO and broke the log in for 500+ people. Okta saved my weekend and my butt. They added the correct licensing and had us going in less than half an hour, NO Saturday working for this girl!

Okta in one word/phrase?
A relief.

Favorite technology?
Sounds silly but powered speakers are the best invention ever. I teach Zumba, BodyPump, and other aerobic classes at my local YMCA. Powered Speaker makes great music. Great music makes a great class.

What would you do without Okta?
Cry... probably a lot. Just kidding. We would still be resetting passwords all the time, listening to our users' frustration at having to have 20 or more passwords.

Words to live by:
Don't overthink it. Just relax and roll with it.

Favorite sports team:
I don't really like sports. But I am an avid runner, so I watch track meets and marathons. I don't really have a favorite runner. All runners of all ages and all speeds are da bomb dot com.

What was your favorite part of Oktane15?
Besides the fact you guys had vegan food that was actually good? Bill Nye was great :-)

Why are you looking forward to Oktane16?
The speakers and what product reveals Okta will have. I am ready to see what you guys have been working on.