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Box for EMM Support

Mar 18, 2016 | by Arturo Hinojosa in Mobile
We are excited to announce that Okta Mobility Management now supports Box for EMM! In addition to only allowing mobile access to Box from managed devices and keeping personal and corporate Box data separate on the same device, our new integration has some great end-user and management benefits as well.

For a quick overview, read on below, and watch this video from Fortune featuring Aaron Levie explaining why he is so excited about our new integration with Box!

Simplified mobile SSO

Okta Mobility Management automatically configures the Box for EMM mobile app with the user's email and to use Okta's one-touch mobile single sign-on solution. Please note that one-touch mobile SSO must be enabled for your org through our support team. You can find more information on Okta's mobile SSO solution on our docs site. After reading the docs, please contact our support team and request they enable Okta Mobile Connect.

You can see a video of the new sign on experience here.

Provisioning across all end-points

IT administrators also get the benefit of managing mobile and web access from a single console. You simply assign Box to a user or group, enable Box for EMM mobile app provisioning, and now users have immediate access to Box on their mobile device, and from their end user dashboard. It's that simple!

For more information, check out