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Pablo Valarezo

Dec 13, 2015 | by Thomas Hill

This month's Community Member Spotlight features one of our best Okta advocates, Pablo Valarezo from Acxiom. Most recently, Pablo joined Okta at the New Orleans EFM sharing how he has transformed Acxiom’s IT strategy. We hope you enjoy learning about how Pablo  uses the Community, Ozone and most importantly, how his work gave Acxiom the “best thing in 30 years”.


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Name, Company, Title:

Pablo Valarezo, Acxiom, Expert Info Systems Manager


Tell us a bit about yourself and your role:

I’ve been with Acxiom almost 8 years and I’ve spent the majority of that time working in identity management and governance.


How long have you been an Okta customer?

We went live to the enterprise on Nov 2014.


How has your role evolved since first using Okta?

Initially I dedicated most of my time to learning about Okta’s capabilities and how to integrate our existing cloud apps. The AD engineers that also support Okta did a lot of the heavy lifting because the volume was pretty large at the time, they are great. Now that we are all more comfortable with standard integrations, I focus on strategy and trying to make the most of our Okta investment. We have a few non-standard use cases that we hope to solve with Okta to make Acxiom an easier place to work.


What's your best advice for someone just starting with Okta?

  1. Inventory your cloud apps and define the governance for adopting new apps

  2. Partner with the business as much as you can

  3. Use delegated administration in every opportunity. Okta’s delegate administration allows application admins to do app access, but also to do their own integrations, which removes the workload from us.

  4. Learn the SAML protocol and its nuisances

  5. Use a read-only API key and a visualization tool to get metrics and track both the expected and unexpected behavior of your users


How would you describe your company culture?

It is definitely transforming. Acxiom has a ‘workplace experience’ organization that has a great leader and is focused on making life at work easier. We also recently hired Terilyn Juarez, our ‘Chief People and Culture Officer’ who was recently recognized as a top diversity professional by The Economist. Our Okta SSO has been one of the examples typically quoted when describing our ongoing transformation.


What keeps you coming back to the Okta Community?

Knowledge. I am always amazed by the quality and relevance of Q&A from fellow Okta admins and the support team.


Favorite Okta memory:

This one employee -who didn’t know me or my role- sat down close to me, open her laptop, and, after logging in to Okta said out loud almost to herself “This SSO is the best thing Acxiom has done in 30 years…”. It was very nice to hear that.


Okta in one word/phrase:



Favorite technology:

My power-pack phone case… gotta keep it charged though!


If you had more time in the day, what would you do?   

Read. My list of must-reads is outpacing my list of have-reads.


Favorite travel destination:

I’m fortunate to have traveled a lot in my lifetime. Some of my best memories are from Paris, Salzburg, and the island of Capri.


Words to live by:

Work hard so you can play hard.


What was your favorite part of Oktane15?

The roadmap. Okta impresses me with their ability to deliver features that have been announced or are requested by the community members. The roadmap presented at Oktane15 is both aggressive and impressive. I look forward to some of those coming out in the new year.


How do you stay up to date with technology news?

Twitter. Over the years I’ve searched for and followed many professionals that focus on identity and typically share worthy news and articles.