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Office 365 Integration Enhancements

Dec 21, 2016 | by Marc Jordan in Office 365
Office 365 continues to grow in popularity as one of most-used applications in the Okta Application Network and we've been keeping busy building out new and differentiated integration points to Microsoft's suite of cloud productivity tools. Today, I wanted to take you through some of these enhancements as well as give you a sneak peak of what we have coming in the product.

Updates to Office 365 Application Chiclets: The Okta dashboard is your one-stop shop for getting access to all of your applications, both on-premises and in the cloud. We heard resounding feedback that getting direct access to all of the applications you have available in Office 365, straight from Okta, was a great way for new and existing users to be more productive. With that in mind, we've just finished adding a wealth of new, customizable application chiclets for your Office 365 users. Key additions include Yammer, Sway, Dynamics CRM as well as many more. There's more Office 365 chiclets we're working on, so watch this space as we continue to improve the experience for your end-users and administrators.

New Chiclets on Okta's Dashboard for Office 365

Improved Onboarding Experience with Okta Cloud Connect: Office 365 is also one of the most commonly selected applications for Okta's Cloud Connect offering and we want to be sure that you can get up and running in no time. We've recently made some significant changes to this experience in order to streamline your Office 365 setup. The updates to Okta Cloud Connect for Office 365 allow you to easily build a customized deployment experience, based on your environment's current configuration and desired end-state. Best of all, we automate most of the scripting and deployment steps to save you having to bounce around other servers and portals. Watch the short video below as we take you through and end-to-end configuration of Office 365 with Okta Cloud Connect.

OCC Video - Configuring Okta Cloud Connect with Office 365

Profile Photo Synchronization (Active Directory to Office 365) [BETA]: One of the frequently requested enhancement requests we get for our integration with Office 365 is to enable the synchronization of photo's from Active Directory to Office 365, enabling a more personalized experiences for sending email and collaborating. Our Beta program for Profile Photo synchronization is now available, to read more about these enhancements and get involved in the Beta program, be sure to have a look at our Beta Sign-Up Portal for more information and assistance getting started.

Enhanced Offboarding for Office 365 [Sneak Peek]: For many years now, Okta has been able to granularly manage roles and licenses that are assigned in Office 365 enabling customers to save money in Office 365 licensing as well as in manual efforts. Our enhanced offboarding functionality enables Office 365 customers to have complete, end-to-end control over both the assignment and un-assignment of licenses and roles. This means that you can stop those scheduled tasks and manual processes that might have existed to disable access and re-allocate your Office 365 licensing. Our soon to be available offboarding functionality in Office 365 will enable you to Block Access, Block Access and Remove Licenses, and/or Block Access and Remove Licenses after a customizable period of time. Remember to watch this space for updates and more details as we release this functionality to Beta and General Availability.

Enhanced Offboarding Workflow for Office 365

We can't wait for you to get started with these new capabilities, remember to drop us a line in the community if you've got any questions or to post your thoughts and ideas about upcoming features.