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Okta Verify for iOS adds Multiple Account Support

Nov 18, 2016 | by Eric Karlinsky in Security
If you’re an Okta admin who logs into multiple Okta orgs to do your job—I’ve got great news: Okta Verify for iOS now supports multiple accounts! That means you can take advantage of the buttery smooth Okta Verify with Push experience for all of your Okta orgs (and other services, too).

By the way, this new app includes some other cool changes that we think you’ll like. Let’s take a tour, starting with...

Multiple Account Support

There’s now an 'Add Account' button on the bottom of the Okta Verify screen. Tap that, and you will be taken to the QR code scanner interface to scan a new account. Just follow the enrollment instructions in Okta to add the account.

Once you’ve got multiple accounts on the app, the user experience changes; now in place of the rotating Okta Verify dial, you’ll see this:
User-added image
Mind. Blown. Right?

Okay, so maybe it’s not life-changing, but we think it’s a huge improvement. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new. First, when multiple accounts are set up, the classic dial is replaced by a timer bar on the top. See the gray and blue bar right below the blue banner on top? That’s the new TOTP countdown—when that bar fills up, you’ll get a new set of OTP codes for all of your accounts. Also, you should see a label above the code and your username below it, to help you keep track of which one to use.

You can also change the labels by tapping 'Edit' in the top-right. That switches the app to edit mode, which looks like this:
User-added image
In Edit mode you can move the accounts up or down by dragging the gripper icons on the right of each account:
User-added image
You can also edit the labels by simply tapping on them. Tap Enter to confirm.

You can delete account by tapping the delete icon here:
User-added image
You can even add third party accounts in this way, too. Consumer services like Gmail, LastPass and others support a QR-code based enrollment, which means you can use the OTP mode of Okta Verify for these apps. Just follow the enrollment process in accordance with the app’s instructions.

Updated Touch ID Experience​

We’ve improve the TouchID experience in this release in two ways: First, the OTP is now obfuscated by default if TouchID is enabled for the respective Okta org. It looks like this:
User-added image
Just tap on the thumbprint icon, you’ll be prompted for TouchID, then the digits will be revealed. This adds an extra layer of security for TouchID enabled Okta tenants.
We’ve also improved the end user experience from the lock screen. Now, when your iPhone is locked and you receive a notification, you can slide it, accept and then you’re prompted for TouchID right on the lock screen.
 User-added image
Previously, you had to unlock first, then open the Verify app and scan your finger. We think this is a much better experience for end users.

That’s about it! We hope you like these improvements—we know some customers have been waiting for multiple account support for a while and we’re excited to finally deliver.

If you have any feedback, please email mfa@okta.com. And if you want to learn more about how Okta can meet your MFA needs, please contact your Okta rep.