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SCIM Provisioning Developer Program

Nov 16, 2016 | by Kevin Gough in Okta Application Network

Increasingly, you expect your cloud application providers to support advanced provisioning features in order to automate user lifecycle management for an application, including account creation, profile updates, authorization settings, and account deactivation.

Okta’s developer program helps cloud service providers quickly integrate with Okta, using the SCIM standard, to enable advanced provisioning. The program includes:

  • Hands-on workshops (Schedule)

  • Step-by-step documentation

  • Free Okta Developer Edition license

  • QA tools

  • Dedicated support

Most recently, we added four more apps via Okta, thanks to the SCIM Provisioning Developer Program: SRXP, MindTickle, Instructure, and Woolloo.

Is there an app you’d like to see as part of the program? Tell your app vendors to join with this email template.