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New Beta Feature: Application Access Audit

Oct 12, 2016 | by Aaron Yee in Lifecycle Management


Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce new reporting capabilities that help audit access to apps. Many customers must regularly audit access to their applications. Audits are driven primarily by regulatory compliance and secondarily by company-wide security policies. Performing audits is painstaking since customers must collect data from various sources, filter for meaningful data (attributes/entitlements), compare authoritative data against actual data, and remediate incorrect access.  

Okta now makes it easier to audit access to applications with two new reports: 

  • A report that lists users who are currently assigned to an app 

  • A report that lists users who were unassigned from an app in a specific timeframe 

These reports are generated per application, so Okta provides separate reports for Box, Office 365, Google Apps, etc. The reports can be downloaded in CSV format, making it easy for admins to run audits. The idea is that admins take the authoritative, Okta data and compare it against actual account statuses (e.g. a report downloaded directly from the apps). 

Disclaimer: Any customer can evaluate this feature during beta. However, when it progresses to Early Access/General Availability, only customers who are on the Enterprise Plus Edition or who have bought the Lifecycle Management (formerly named Provisioning) Product will have this feature. 


This feature is useful in the following situations:   

  • As an admin, I want a list of users who are assigned to app X
    • ​I want to know what the users' attribute values should be in app X 
    • I want to compare this list of users against a list from app X, so I can reconcile any issues 
  • As an admin, I want a list of users who were revoked from app X between date A and date B 

    • I want to compare this list of users against a list from app X
    • ​I want to ensure that the user was indeed removed/deactivated in app X

How to Beta Test

To enroll in this program, please sign-up at the Beta enrollment page