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Improved Submission Process for Your Product Ideas

Dec 27, 2017 | by Ellen Tiano in Administration

Some of Okta’s best features have been the result of suggestions from our community. Recently, much of that feedback pertained to how we solicit your input on our products in the first place. Our Ideas page wasn’t the user-friendly experience it could be, nor did it allow us to share our pipeline of changes with you. That has changed.


Our new Ideas page features a streamlined form, revamped categorization, and most importantly, efficient communication with our product team. Have an Idea you want to submit? Let’s walk you through the process.

Step one: writing a title

User-added image

Once you’ve signed into the Ideas page as an Okta partner or customer, this is where you start.


As you summarize your idea into a succinct headline, incorporate keywords that others may have used to submit similar requests. An example could be something like, “Problem with Mobile Device Access.”


Note: If you need more help streamlining your proposal, refer to our Ideas FAQ.

Step two: checking for similar ideas

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The next step is to check for ideas that are close to your own. In order for Okta to effectively respond to each person’s request, we compile similar ideas together. If several users are requesting similar improvements in one of our products, it will likely be prioritized. An example of an entry similar to “Problem with Mobile Device Access” could be, “Slow Connection on Mobile Device.”


If you find another idea that resembles yours, we highly recommend commenting on it with your own remarks and concerns, rather than creating another one from scratch. This helps streamline the process and make sure common requests get addressed efficiently. Each comment and vote earns ten points for the idea, pushing it further to the top of the list.


If no one else has submitted the same idea as yours, continue to step three.

Step three: finishing your idea

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The final step is to add more information about your idea. As long as it relates to our products, it can be submitted and will be reviewed. As you expand on your idea, consider the following questions: What are your use cases? What environment is it for? What is the business impact?


The more detail you provide, the faster our team can address it, without any excess back-and-forth communication.


Finally, select a relevant category from the dropdown, and then submit your idea. Once its posted, you can still edit it with further changes or delete it altogether at any time. Our team has committed to reviewing all ideas within 90 days of their submission.


Your feedback to our previous Ideas page is a great example of how much we can learn from you. We’re excited to be launching this new version – and we can’t wait to hear from you.


Do you have additional questions about submitting your idea? Or do you want to inquire about other products at Okta? Visit the Okta Help Center to learn more.