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Technical Consultant Boot Camp 2

Audience   Implementation Partners, Okta Consultants
Format       Hands-On Labs, Instructor-led Training
Duration     5 days (schedule)
Cost            $2000 USD / seat

PrerequisitesSetup Requirements
  • Partner Sales Foundation (recommended)
  • Technical Consultant Boot Camp 1 (recommended)
  • Experience integrating Active Directory
  • Basic understanding of Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Completed registration in the Okta Partner ecosystem
  • Students use their own computers
  • Okta provides access to an Okta org, software credentials, and virtual machines to complete lab activity
  • For an optimal learning experience, read these tips for virtual classroom success


Course Overview.

In Technical Consultant Boot Camp 2, you will learn how to implement advanced and complex Okta integrations using a scenario-based learning strategy.

For a better understanding of larger enterprise networks, you will learn how to scope and address multiple forest and domain environments. To address the variety of user, applications, and authentication scenarios, you will be also configuring different applications and authentication flows.

Finally, because many Okta customers have a mixed user base and varied access requirements, you will perform some developer tasks, including using the Okta sign-in widget to create a customized application access page and configuring Open ID Connect (OIDC) for proprietary application access.

Using your own computer, you will access individual Okta tenants, virtual environments, and 3rd party applications to practice a full spectrum of setup and configuration tasks.

Participants will learn how to...

  • Plan for, design, and then properly configure an application-as-a-master based on business requirements
  • Configure and implement Okta in a multi-forest and domain environment
  • Scope and help deploy hub and spoke solutions for Okta customers
  • Assist Okta customers with varying and more complex SSO solutions
  • Assist Okta customers with a custom application-as-a-master integration using the API
  • Migrate user data between systems and applications
  • Configure customized application authentication flows
  • Configure the Okta sign-in widget for an efficient custom sign-in experience
  • Configure Okta orgs with multiple authentication providers
  • Assist Okta customers integrate private applications with Okta for automated lifecycle management
  • Assist Okta customers with a standard based SSO solution
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