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Recommended Learning Paths

Get your team enrolled in the right training classes for your needs during implementation. Start with Okta Essentials and go anywhere.


Primary Okta Admin

Additional Core Team

Support Team

User-added imageOkta Essentials
Register Now // Learn More
Admin 1: Set Up People 
+ Manage Directories

Webinar // Video
Okta Help Desk Training
Webinar // Video
User-added imageOkta Mobile Setup + Administration
Admin 2: Manage SSO 
+ Provisioning

Webinar // Video
User-added imageDeploy Office 365 with Okta
Register Now // Learn More
Admin 3: 
Implement MFA

User-added imageUniversal Directory

Looking for additional topics?

  • Learn on-demand by browsing instructional articles in the Knowledge Library.  You can search for topics like Product Setup or End User + more. Explore
  • Platform for Developers training is the best way to learn how to integrate web applications with Okta's identity management / security APIs. Learn More or Register
  • For End User Adoption tools, click here.
  • For an optimal learning experience, read these tips for virtual classroom success!

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