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Okta Platform for Developers

Audience   Developers, Architects, Technical Project Managers
Format       Instructor-led Training Labs (virtual)
Duration    3 days (schedule)
Cost           $2400 USD / seat
(20% discount for Premier/Premier Plus.  No promo code needed.)
PrerequisitesSetup Requirements
Understanding of REST integration concepts.
Experience with C#, Java, or another object oriented programming language.
Students use their own computers and must have a Microsoft Account
(sign up BEFORE class at https://signup.live.com).
For an optimal learning experience, read these tips for virtual classroom success.
Okta provides access to an Okta tenant and virtual machine to complete labs.

Course Overview.

Okta Platform for Developers is a three-day course in which students learn how to integrate web applications with Okta’s identity management / security APIs using best practices and established workflows.

This course provides hands-on experience with the Okta administrator app to perform essential functions required to successfully incorporate use of the Okta identity platform, such as configuring security parameters and policies, executing user management tasks, and obtaining API tokens.

To explore the capabilities and benefits of working with Okta Platform APIs, you build integrations from a web application to the Okta login and registration services, using the Okta SDK and working directly with the JSON documents and HTTP requests.

Common business and technical use cases, troubleshooting, and best practices are discussed.

Participants will learn how to...

  • Describe key features and functions to maximize use of the Okta service
  • Create a service account within an Okta tenant for data access through the API and to perform administrative functionality
  • Configure security controls, such as password policies and multifactor authentication (MFA), for enhanced data security
  • Create an API token to manipulate your Okta tenant using API calls
  • Use Postman to learn about the Okta API collections, such as users, groups, and events, for configuration and insight to your Okta tenant
  • Plan, design, and develop, sign on and registration pages using the Okta API using the Okta SDK and the underlying JSON documents and HTTP requests.
  • Configure a sign on page using the Okta Sign-In widget for a quick customized user experience
  • Incorporate best practices to maximize Okta API and SDK code
  • Debug coding errors to troubleshoot problems
  • Effectively work with Okta support​
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