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Deploy Office 365 with Okta

Audience   Administrators + Implementation Consultants
Format       Instructor-led Training Lab (virtual)
Duration     1 day (schedule)
Cost            $800 USD / seat
(20% discount for Premier/Premier Plus.  No promo code needed.)
PrerequisitesSetup Requirements
Okta Essentials (recommended) or equivalent knowledge.
Experience integrating Active Directory.
Basic understanding of Identity and Access Management (IAM).
Students use their own computers.
For an optimal learning experience, read these tips for virtual classroom success.
Okta provides access to an Okta org, O365 tenants, and virtual machines to complete hands-on lab activity.

Course Overview.

Okta centralizes the setup and management of the identity lifecycle for Microsoft Office 365 (O365). In this class, you will learn how to configure O365 with Okta in support of four distinct integration scenarios. 

You will explore multifactor authentication (MFA) and how it is used to manage client access policies based on group memberships as well as examine mobile device management capabilities that allow you to securely administer your O365 user population.

In planning for an O365 deployment, you will define requirements for account mastering and provisioning and learn about how Okta manipulates data attributes using Universal Directory.  

This hands-on intensive class includes scripted lab practice for integration scenarios as well as exposure to useful reports and common troubleshooting tips to maximize your understanding how Okta and O365 work together.

Participants will learn how to...

  • Conduct scoping to understand how users accounts are managed and provisioned.
  • Learn how federation plays a factor in your user strategy.
  • Prepare for the mobile workforce and plan a single sign-on (SSO) experience for mobile devices accessing your corporate data.
  • Automate additional security layers using Okta multifactor authentication (MFA) factors or third-party solutions.
  • Compare installation methods to better understand the complexities between Okta and Microsoft.
  • Deploy Okta and directory-mastered accounts in distinct provisioning situations with O365.
    • Okta-mastered accounts with Okta provisioning 
    • Directory-mastered accounts with Okta provisioning
    • Directory-mastered accounts with Microsoft provisioning
    • Directory-mastered accounts with O365 with Microsoft provisioning and Okta licensing
  • Use Okta reports to troubleshoot issues and support your user base.
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