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Matt NelsonMatt Nelson 

download early access agent versions for admins only?

How about adding a download link on the admin page only for testing early access versions of the plugins?  I would like to test those before they roll out to the users....or is this something that affects the entire account on the back end?
Darron HellmannDarron Hellmann (Okta)
Hi Matt

Thanks for the community participation. At this time, if we publish an early access plugin to your org, depending on how you're managing the browser plugin (i.e. IT manages Okta Plugin Yes/No), all users could potentially be notified that there is a new plugin to install. This is a great request and one that we'd like to see submitted to our community so that others may vote on it. It's excellent opportunities like this that we nurture to refine our product. With your assistance in posting an idea, we can begin to mount an arsenal to raise internal awareness here at Okta. I've provided you a link to our community "Post an idea" forum and look forward to hearing from you.

Darron Hellman, Technical Support Engineer, Okta
Arturo HinojosaArturo Hinojosa (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Matt,

We also offer something called "Preview" environments. An Okta Preview tenant is a test enviornment you can use to sample early features and agents. I would contact your account executive on how to get one setup.

If you have more questions on product join our "Ask me Anything" session on 10/15 at 10 AM PT. I will be hosting an open Q&A on Okta Mobility Management, Adaptive MFA, and other topics. You can learn more here: