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David WuDavid Wu 

facebook at work

have anyone done SSO to facebook at work? I am not able to assign the application to user, getting the error - Facebook at Work needs additional information entered before it can be assigned.

but it does not give any more details at all... 
Ransom MoatsRansom Moats (Okta, Inc.)
Hi David,

If you check the Okta Dashboard for tasks (okta Administration>Dashboard>Tasks), you might be see provisioning errors listed under the Facebook application that could help you isolate the errors. 

Ransom Moats, Technical Support Engineer, Okta
David WuDavid Wu
I have opened a ticket, tried a few things with Okta support. It still did not work, unable to test SSO from FB at work end. 
I think someone is getting back to me tomorrow... assuming there are not many people are doing SSO to FB at work yet. 
Daniel JosephDaniel Joseph
any news about your issue David as im facing a similar issue as cannot find the place on facebbok to config. with 

thank you