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Shawn SaucierShawn Saucier 

Provisioning Attributes in Send Word Now

I'm using the OKTA Verified Send Word Now provisioning but am having difficulty getting it to populate attributes other than the first and last name, email address.  The accounts are created, but with a random UNIQUE ID (instead of the ID we are trying to assign), only a single email address is assigned, and no telephone, location or custom fields are populating.

I tried used the profile editor to ensure that the custom mapping were present, but am not sure what mappings should be in place for the telephone numbers.  Regardless, none are working.

Any thoughts?
What am I missing?

Jaypee ManansalaJaypee Manansala (Okta)
Hi Shawn,

Thanks for posting your inquiries in Okta Community. You can always edit the profile mappings for servicenow using the profile editor and try to modify any mapping from Okta to Servicenow and hit save. It should ask for apply updates now and that should trigger an force update. But in reality when ever there is a change to Okta user profile it should flow through downstream app automatically if the mappings are defined properly. I will probably recommend you to work with support and check your mappings.

Please let me know if you need any additional informaiton. Thank you.


AD Agent OktaAD Agent Okta
There don't seam to be any of the profile info and you can't update the data when sent to Send Word Now (not Servicenow)
Eric TiptonEric Tipton
 I have the same question. Any update?