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Peter JohnsonPeter Johnson 

Disable forgot password link

Is there a way to disable the "Forgot Password" link entirely? Our users are mastered in Active Directory, but the Admin UI won't seem to let me remove the link unless I select "Password is managed by a different application" and provide a URL. I don't have a URL to provide, since we don't have a self-service password reset app.
api-workday api-workdayapi-workday api-workday

Hi Peter,

FYI, Okta provides the password self-service capability for you even if your accounts are AD mastered. This could be a feature that isn't enabled/available by default but it is what we currently use.

That said, prior to this feature being available and tested we pointed the URL to our ticketing page.

Forgotten Password URL: https://ourticketing.com/ForgotUrl

It didn't require changing the "Password managed by" in a different application


Peter JohnsonPeter Johnson
Thanks Matt. My org doesn't want to use the self-service password reset, and our ticketing system isn't internet facing, so I guess I'll just point the link to our corporate website or something.
Phil IbarrolaPhil Ibarrola
Hi Peter,

We did something similar for the help link for one of our systems (linked it to the corporate web site) and it really confused people.  I would recommend pointing them to a page explaining how to reset their password, i.e. contact the help desk.

Raj SinghRaj Singh
Hello Gents,

Any update on this, We just want to remove the link for forgot password.

kishore kirankishore kiran
It's causing issues for SSO on among mobile apps. Raised a case Case# 00217781 with Okta.
Forgot Password -> Back -> Login -> Redirects to Okta home page, Instead of a callback to our application server