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Jordan HarrisJordan Harris 

Can Okta provide silent authentication to an application?

We have a .NET application. When a user logs into our app, we're currently implementing our own authentication as well as authenticating the user with Okta. Within our application, we have embedded Tableau Reports. We've configured SSO between Okta and Tableau. However, the only way we can authenticate the user with Tableau (in order to see the reports) is to have them click the embedded SSO link for Tableau, which signs them into Tableau and directs them to the Tableau Online website. Is there a way for Okta to silently authenticate the user with Tableau so that the user never has to click the link to Tableau? That way they can view the embedded reports without having to login to another application.

James GarvinJames Garvin (Okta)
Your best choice is probably to use the embed link for the application.  If you have that somewhere as a default tab or have the page automatically open when the user signs in, in conjunction with Desktop SSO/IWA, the user will just be able access Tableau (as long as the session cookie exists).  

You could also put the embed link somewhere, so the user doesn't have to click the chicklet in Okta, but instead just click the embed link to access the app.

Where is the embed link?  In the Okta Admin, click Applicaitons -> Tableau -> General Tab and then scroll to the bottom and you'll see the embed link.  

James Garvin, Customer Success Manager, Okta
Madhu Mahadevan - SEMadhu Mahadevan - SE (Okta, Inc.)

I believe you are looking for a flow involving OAuth. It seems that Tableau is able to support OAuth ( If this is the case, please get in touch with your account team for further information.


Madhu Mahadevan, Sr. Sales Engineer, Okta

Jordan HarrisJordan Harris
Thanks for the replies!

@Madhu Good find on the OAuth. Unfortunately we're using Tableau Online rather than Tableau Server, which I believe only supports SAML. 

@James I think you're right on about using the embed link - that's actually what we're currently doing. We have the embed link on our application so that the user can click it and go right to Tableau. However, we don't want them to ever go to Tableau. We want them to be authenticated with Tableau so that they can view our embedded Tableau reports without ever having to visit Tableau (by clicking the embed link). Any thoughts on how to acccomplish this?
Adetunji Oyebola-AdeosunAdetunji Oyebola-Adeosun
I have the exact same problem as Jordan Harris, can anyone help?