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ThomasThomas (Okta, Inc.)  

How do you Login directly to Office 365 services and create custom bookmarks

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ThomasThomas (Okta, Inc.) 
When you integrate your Okta service with Office 365, you have the ability to provide a range of links on the Okta end user portal that allow for direct login to the services within Office 365.


Clicking on any of these icons will sign the user into the respective Office 365 service. This is useful if you are only using SharePoint in Office 365, you can only enable the "Sites" icon and therefore users sign in directly to the root of the SharePoint Online server. The behavior of the "Office 365" icon depends, by default it will land the user on the Office 365 portal page but this can be configured by the end user to take them to another service. To change the default behavior login to, select the gear icon in the top left and click on "Office 365 settings". You can now select "Start Page" from the left and choose where you want to end up when logged into

The other icons Okta provides allow a user to directly navigate to services straight from Okta. With regards to SharePoint Online (the "sites" link), Newsfeed and OneDrive, it is possible to have links that allow opening of pages deep inside the service. For example you might want to have a link to the "My Tasks" page within the Office 365 Newsfeed. Or you might have a department site in SharePoint Online that you want people to be able to access directly from Okta. Okta allows you to add bookmarks to areas in these services. This article describes how to setup these bookmarks in Okta and customize them to help the user get to these areas in the services quicker.

Adding bookmarks for Office 365 services

As an Okta administrator, you can add applications to your Okta org for single sign on and provisioning. But you can also add simple bookmarks that appear in a users Okta portal. You can use these bookmarks to allow a user to direct their browser to a specific Office 365 resource. Because Okta is federated with the entire Office 365 range of services, heading to any of these links will allow the user to login via Okta. If the user clicks on the Office 365 federated icon first, they will automatically login. If they click on a bookmark first they will need to enter their username again, to tell that Office 365 service it needs to redirect to Okta. Which it does and then automatically signs the user in.

To add a bookmark for the users own space in SharePoint

   Login to your Okta org as an administrator and switch to the Applications tab.
   Click on the Add Application button and in the resulting search box type "bookmark"
   Give the bookmark a useful label, for example "My SharePoint Online" or "My Office 365 Newsfeed". Then you need to give it a URL. Microsoft creates SharePoint Online URLs using your Office 365 organization name, just login and navigate to your Newsfeed (or any SharePoint Online site) and copy the URL into the Okta Bookmark App URL.
   You can also get the URL for other services. Some examples are below. - Users personal SharePoint site. - Company public website. - Company team website. - All documents shared by a specific user - A link direct to a users blog on Office 365

If you right click on any document or location in SharePoint, you should also be able to copy the link to that document and use that in an Okta bookmark to provide a direct link to a specific document. For example you might have a shared XLS file stored in SharePoint Online and want to have that linked on the Okta end user portal.

Click Next and don't assign this app to any users, not yet. Then click on Done. The final thing to do to make this app easy for users to select, is to change the logo. Hover over the logo with the star in it, and click on the pencil icon that will appear.

   You can then choose a new icon to be used for the logo. It makes sense to use something that visually indicates what service the user is going to be taken to. There are some samples you can download at the end of this article.
   Once you've customized the app, assign it to users. They will end up with a portal with a list of Office 365 services they can access.

If you want to use the examples from the portal above, just download the images below. Note it is also possible to change the logo for the Office 365 federated application. So you can use the Outlook one below and therefore indicate to users that clicking on this will actually take them to their web based email.

Chiclet-MySite.png            Chiclet-Team-Site.png