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Alex StojcicAlex Stojcic 

One Okta user two Google Accounts

We have a unique scenario where two users share a gmail account. (They also have their own personal ones)
ie. john smith & bob citizen share
We have suggested they transfer it to a mailing list and get any emails sent to them but they insist on using a team inbox.
As a workaround they mfa in via incognito mode using but its not sustainable.
Is there a way to link two or more gmail accounts to a single okta account?
Phil IbarrolaPhil Ibarrola
Hi Alex,

I think you were on the right track with pushing a Google solution rather than a Okta solution.  You can also use mailbox delegation within Google to get a similar experience as having a separate mailbox, but without the complexity.  You can find it under the source mailbox setttings ( Settings > Accounts > Grant Access to Your Account).

Alex StojcicAlex Stojcic
Thanks Phil!

I had to go one step further and enable Mail Delegation in the Admin console under Apps>Google Apps>Settings for Gmail>Advanced. Ill report back if it solves the problem.

IT - Jesus BrianIT - Jesus Brian
What was your Resolution?
Fernando RodriguezFernando Rodriguez
Create a secondary g suite app with the same settings as the original one and assign to that spefic user.