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Ryan Tapp (Admin)Ryan Tapp (Admin) 

Application Provisioning Workflow

At Oktane this year, there was brief mention of a per-application workflow... that is, when someone requests a particluar application I can have it automatically routed to the admin of that particular application for approval/denial.  I don't remember in what context this was mentioned (something available now, something coming soon, something part of normal SSO, something part of one of the other features Okta is working on, etc.).  Does anyone have any idea where I can get more infomraiton on this feature?  This would be greatly welcomed so I can stop forwarding those emails!  Thanks.
George KwonGeorge Kwon (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Ryan, we're calling this Self-service App Request with Approval Workflow.  It is currently in development and we're targeting Feb 2016 to open up the beta program.  I'd like to learn more about your use case and how you might use this functionality.  If you're interested in chatting, please get in touch at

Btw, you can find more details on the availability of all the functionality showcased at Oktane in our blog.

Manjunath Ambuga NarayanaManjunath Ambuga Narayana
Hi George - Any updates on this feature? Is it on track to be released next month? Also - is this feature exposed via APIs as well?
We are very much interested in this - Basically we need to be able to add customized workflow before an app is provisioned from Okta to users. Let me know if you need more information. Thank you. 
Manjunath Ambuga NarayanaManjunath Ambuga Narayana
Hi Okta - Is there an update on this feature?
George KwonGeorge Kwon (Okta, Inc.)
Ryan and Manjunath, Okta's out of the box Access Request Workflow is now in Beta.  Please contact us at to learn more and to participate in the Beta program.

Also, make sure to join the Provisioning AMA session where I will be talking more about our Access Request Workflow functionality and taking questions around the Provisioning product in general.

Date: Thursday, March 10th
Time: 11am-12pm PT
Location: “Tips and Tricks” group in the Okta Community 
Mark ChesterfieldMark Chesterfield
Hi, we had this feature demonstrated a few months ago and I've just seen the Access Request Workflow documentation page and this question. Wish I seen it earlier :-). Anyway, when we were given the demo we were led to believe that it would be possible to initiate this workflow via the api. ie an external application could use the api to request an app on behalf of the nominated user and this would trigger the workflow. I can't see this capability mentioned on the doc page and our need sounds as if its similiar to Manjunath. Is an api coming ?