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Charles MorinCharles Morin 

custom reports in Administration

How can we run custom reports such as search for attributes of a user matching criteria such as; find all Term (status = T) users?
Arthur OsorioArthur Osorio
It may not be exactly what you were hoping for, but the APIs can definitely handle this.  I am not sure if the powershell APIs can get exactly the information you are after, but in my opinion the powershell SDK was pretty easy to setup so it might be a good place to start. 
Asher RosenbergAsher Rosenberg
Matt Egan's extension to the Powershell module (available from GitHub includes several user search functions.
Charles MorinCharles Morin
This looks very impressive! much better than the extremely limited Okta PS module. Thank you!
api-workday api-workdayapi-workday api-workday
Hi, i actually just commited some updates to the module specific to searching.
  • oktaListUsers
    • Lists all users
  • oktaListUsersbyAttribute
    • Find users matching available searchable attributes
  • oktaListUsersbyDate
    • Find users updated before, after, between or at a given time
  • oktaListUsersbyStatus
    • Find users by a configurable yet valid status 
  • oktaListActiveUsers
    • helper function to return just active users (legacy)
  • oktaListDeprovisionedUsers
    • helper function to return just deprovisioned users (legacy)

What I generally do is filter coursley in the query (due to limitations in the query language) and then parse granularly in powershell after i've recieved the list of users back from okta.

Hope that helps