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ADM Steve SlavieroADM Steve Slaviero 

Custom App Store for Company through OMM?

Hi all,

Just wondering if it's possible to be able to deploy applications that aren't necessarily in our Okta ORG, but would be a sort of like a "Corporate App Store"

Things like Skype for Business app for on premise deployment, Event apps, even apps that we are thinking about deploying through Okta, but aren't up to scratch just yet (not SAML integrated).

Would need to be OS specific?  Link to App Store/Play Store depending on device.

The current on-prem solution we have (Sophos SMC) has this kind of feature, just want to know if there is a comparision between the 2 or think about adding such a feature?

Darron HellmannDarron Hellmann (Okta)
Hi Steve

I've provided some useful links to our documentation surrounding our Okta Mobile Management solution that I'm confident should answer your questions. We offer support for implementation and online webclasses for training. If you'd like to test drive our mobile solution or any of its features, please feel free to open a support ticket and we'd be happy to assist you getting started.
Naveed MakhaniNaveed Makhani (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Steve,

Support for distributing internal iOS apps was just announced at our Oktane conference this week. Please email if you'd like to participate in the beta.

Support for distributing Android apps will come soon as part of our support for Android for Work (also announced at Oktane). With Android for Work, we will be able to distribute both custom and public apps through Play for Work, which can be customized to include only the apps that your organization wants to make available to users.