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Konstantin BelovKonstantin Belov 

c# api - AuthClient and updating user profile

I want end user to be able to update a property in his/her profile, and I don't want to have any api tokens (especially with administrative access) in the c# code of the program that uses okta authentication.
When user enters username/password to log into the program, I've tried using AuthClient given an empty string as api token, and a valid subdomain in constructor, and then calling Authenticate(), which worked perfectly. AuthResponse indicates success, and Embedded.User is set. But, Embedded.User.Profile does not seem to show any of the custom profile properties. Also, I could not find any way yet to update anything in the profile just with AuthClient or SessionClient interface.
What am I missing? AuthResponse has some SessionToken set, but from the documentation I could not figure out what to do with it.
Please shed some light on this topic.
ThomasThomas (Okta, Inc.) 
Here is a script that you may find helpful in identifying the right AuthResponse:


There is a set of other related insights at the http://developer.okta.com site too.