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How to remove deactivated users?

We have many deactivated users - how can I remove them?
Raja NejemRaja Nejem (Okta, Inc.)
As of right now, you can't delete deactivated users out of Okta for security reasons.  We are working on an override to delete users but is a while out.
Dave (Admin) PlumbDave (Admin) Plumb
I would like to remove an old user from Okta also. We have a new user with the same user id and I cannot assign this user id because it is attached to a user that left the company a year ago. Seems broken that I cannot assign the correct user id because of an Ex employee. This really needs to be fixed. AD can do it, Office 365 can do it, but Okta cannot. It breaks the whole workflow and cause extra work.
Jim KnutsonJim Knutson
Hello Dave,
We are working on a way to Tombstone a user account, this will give Okta the ability to retain reporting information for the user, and the ability to virtually " delete" an Okta user. In the meantime, you can always rename the old Okta user and free up the UserID. I should mention reusing user id's is not a best practice, as if you had a user named and just reused the ID after the original was no longer with the company, this could potentially give access to the wrong individual, but the correct user name in a down stream application. 
David Plante (ADMIN)David Plante (ADMIN)
What is the expected timing of this feature?
Alex GavrilovAlex Gavrilov
Jim Knutson, doe Okta have a permanent-global-unique-user-id which we can use to avoid situation you've mentioned?
Rico JardineroRico Jardinero

Hi Alex, 

If you delve into the API, you can see the unique OKTA identifier more readily, but it is visible in the browser's UI view in the URL itself:

Select user from OKTA Console > People, and the OKTA UID is in the URL

Via OKTA API by PowerShell Lookup

For PowerShell commands, you'll have to do a little setup work, see my collegue's GitHub page >


Arnoud Raamsdonk, vanArnoud Raamsdonk, van
We are required by law to remove user data when the user requests us to. When will this be available?
Mike ShaferMike Shafer
Hi there, we also need to be able to delete old, de-activated accounts. How do we do this?
Aminata KondehAminata Kondeh
Hello Mike,

Being the last one to ask this question again, have you heard back from Okta since then?

Phil JacksonPhil Jackson
Still no answer on this issue? It is almost a year later.
Tobias GrimshawTobias Grimshaw
Someone talking at the Oktane conference keynote referenced the ability to delete while talking about the renaming of certain parts of the platform to 'User Lifecycle Management' - the new name for Provisioning AFAIK.
Expect we'll get it this year.
Patrick FarrickerPatrick Farricker
This is ​incredibly inefficient when it comes to creating test users for the purpose of testing provisioning, especially with O365, which routinely has issues in our system and doesn't seem to work 100 percent. Is the expectation to have to a create a differently named new user for each test case yet without the abiltiy to remove any of these users when testing is completed? This results in a "cluttered" system full of accounts that are inactive and just creates a messy feel.

Nauman KhanNauman Khan
Whats the OKTA team response in terms of time when this feature can be available? Or it can't?
Lars LindblomLars Lindblom
Any ETA on this feature ? Imho......... its been a while now.
Kurt SeifriedKurt Seifried
+1, I would like this feature, it appears it's been in motion (or not) for over a year now, is there any ETA on this? Thanks.
Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Av ShchAv Shch
Could Permanent deletion of Deactivated users be scheduled  lets say on 180 days frequency?
Matthew TraversMatthew Travers
User deletion is now available in the UI for individual users. Bulk User deletion can be achieved leveraging the API.
John MathewJohn Mathew
@Matthew Travers what if you are not a programmer how do we bulk delete? can your devs just add a check box next the users so we an bulk select and delete?