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Patrick CesardPatrick Cesard 

Managing on-premise applications


Is Okta working toward more support for managing on-premise apps, so as to become a better and easier IDaaS option for replacing the traditional IAM systems (Oracle, IBM, etc)? Last time I checked, it still provided minimal support for on-premise apps, leaving it mostly up to the customer to build this identity bridge with SCIM connectors.
Madhu Mahadevan - SEMadhu Mahadevan - SE (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Patrick,

What kind of support for on-premises applications are you thinking about? Are there some specific use-cases you can highlight?

Patrick CesardPatrick Cesard

I was looking for a list of pre-built SCIM connectors that Okta may have available for common on-prem app and systems.

Btw, do you know if the upcoming Oktane 15 conference will have a workshop or feature on on-prem provisioning and SCIM connectors?
api-workday api-workdayapi-workday api-workday
Hi Patrick,

As far as I have seen there isn't a precanned list of integrations that are available. There could be a numer of very repeatable connectors that Okta's professional services team has deployed and could quickly replicate though.

I took a slightly different route and worked with Okta PS to impliment a very generic connector that would dynamically call a provisioning script of my choosing and provide to it the information required to perform the actions I wanted it to take. The notion here is that our team has the ability to write powershell,vbs,batch files that we can maintain to provision accounts in most cases.

There are probably a few exceptions to this but we haven't run into one yet.

I don't see a session or lab that is going to be dedicated to OPP but the 'Okta 301' and 'Okta Platform' Monday labs look like they would be the most promising to delve into it.

I'll be at Oktane and am happy to share my setup.

Do you have on on premise application or two that would be a primary focus?