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Greg BarronGreg Barron 

Windows Server Remote Desktop MFA

Hi All,

We are deploying a Windows 2013 server into the cloud. The users of this server will access it using remote desktop services and will run a native application on the machine. I am struggling to determine how to enforce MFA when logging into the server. It appears that the Desktop SSO solution takes affect after the user has already authenticated to AD. Which is too late in this case.

What is Okta's solution for enforcing MFA authentication when logging into the remote desktop server in the first place?

Kind regards,
Arturo HinojosaArturo Hinojosa (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Greg,

We don't natively support this functionality today - but we do have some very experienced partners that specialize in this use case, and their solution is tightly integrated with Okta. Please contact your account executive and we can put you in contact with them.

If you have more questions on our MFA product join our "Ask me Anything" session on 10/15 at 10 AM PT. I will be hosting an open Q&A on Okta Mobility Management, Adaptive MFA, and other topics. You can learn more here:

Arturo Hinojosa, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Okta
Greg BarronGreg Barron
Thank you! I’ll get in touch with the AE.
Peter BittingerPeter Bittinger
I have the same use case as Greg.  Are there any updates from Okta on this? - 2 yrs since post - or does this still require using a third party like Liebsoft.
Would be nice if Okta supported this natively...