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John HowieJohn Howie 

One 365 tenant, multiple domains

Hi All,
If you have 1 365 tenant and multiple DNS domains tied to that tenant you're required to have a separate Okta chicklet for each domain in your single tenant.  That's fine if you have 1 or 2 email domains...but what if you have 30.  We leverage smartlinks heavily here, that means 30 smartlinks/chicklets each time I need to create a bookmark to a SharePoint site or Azure application.  Is there a workaround or improvement on the horizon?  
Darron HellmannDarron Hellmann (Okta)
Hi John

Thank you for the community participation and feedback. This is a great idea and I encourage other community members to continue to vote it up to raise awareness here at Okta.

Darron Hellmann, Technical Support Engineer, Okta
Okta AD Agent SNLNS089Okta AD Agent SNLNS089
We are also in the same situation. We also have 30 email domains. We desperately want to integrate 0365 into Okta but we ran into this exactly. We tested it in our 0365 sandbox and the experience was not a desirable one for an Enterprise. As a result we've had to resort to using a Bookmark app and publish our to users using self-service.
Christopher NeelyChristopher Neely
I feel your pain.  Thankfully at this time we only need our primary domain set as the primary smtp address for email.  As a work around we added all of our domains to O365 and only federated our primary domain.  (This gets super clunky but it is the only option we had aside from managing multiple Okta integratoins for each domain).  We then created aliases by creating a DG with the secondary domain and added the user to that DG.  We then hid those DG's from the GAL.  We created powershell scripts to automate this but it is still quiet a mess to manage.