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Jonathon BusJonathon Bus 

Can't find where to upload certificate.

I'm trying to setup BSwift which has a community supported app definition.  The only problem is I don't see any way to upload the public cert from BSwift.  The info in the help center points to an "advanced settings" link in the App Integration Wizard.  That looks like it's only available when you're adding a new application.  I don't want to start over if I can avoid it since I already provided the public cert to BSwift.  Anyone know if I can upload a cert without recreating the app?
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Hi Jonathon,

If you were to start over the public certificate that you provided would remain the same. The issuer/entityid and other attributes associated with the application would change but the public cert would remain the same.

That said the advanced settings can be accessed after the application has been provisioned.

Application->General->SAML Settings->Edit->Next->"Show Advanced Settings"

Hope that helps
Jonathon BusJonathon Bus
Thanks Matt.  I don't have SAML Settings in the General tab.  I have App Settings, VPN Notification, and App Embed Link.  The only place I have for SAML settings in is the Sign On tab unders settings.  There is not advanced settings option there.  Could there be anything I'm missing?