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Jon ScottJon Scott 

Okta for consumer/personal use

I use Okta in my workplace and love the security and functionality. Is there version of Okta that can be leveraged in the consumer space or personal use?
Madhu Mahadevan - SEMadhu Mahadevan - SE (Okta, Inc.)
There has been talk about this in the past. On CNBC: http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000219255  :)  

For now, the two "free" options are listed here: https://www.okta.com/get-okta-free/

I would ping Freddy (https://twitter.com/fkerrest), Okta co-founder.  :)  

Madhu Mahabevan, Sr. Sales Engineer, Okta
Phil IbarrolaPhil Ibarrola
The problem you'll find is many consumer level cloud apps don't support SSO via SAML.  In that case, Okta becomes a password vault or password manager.  There are a lot of good password managers out there, e.g. 1Password, LastPass,  Dashlane, and SplashID.  
Arturo HinojosaArturo Hinojosa (Okta, Inc.)
Hey Jon, Phil,

We get this request A LOT. We love hearing users are big Okta fans!

As a reminder, the Okta Application Network has over 4000 application integrations, many are "personal" in nature (facebook, your favorite airline, etc.). The great thing is when you setup your personal accounts here, your info remains private from the IT team. I use Okta to manage most of my personal passwords and have created a "personal" tab where I store all my apps.

We even have some REALLY cool stuff being announced at Oktane next month to make these personal apps even easier to use. I won't steal our thunder - but I invite you to join our "Ask me Anything" session on 10/15 at 10 AM PT. I will be hosting an open Q&A on Okta Mobility Management, Adaptive MFA, and other topics. You can learn more here: bit.ly/1joCz1Q.