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Lazaros KyrillidisLazaros Kyrillidis 

Logout and SAML


It seems that when we logout from Okta, we can still access any applications that we previously authenticated through SAML. Is this behaviour SP specific or can Okta terminate all these sessions at once (when we logout from Okta)?

Madhu Mahadevan - SEMadhu Mahadevan - SE (Okta, Inc.)
Okta offers support for SAML Single Logout (limited to one application currently). Please reach out to your account team to get more details on how to take advantage of this. 

Madhu Mahadevan, Sr. Sales Engineer, Okta
Greg CarderGreg Carder
We had to develop a solution to store the different applications a user has recently authenticated to.  So that when they logout we can generate a logout form with mutltiple hidden iFrames to make calls to the logout pages for each of the applicaitons they might still have a session to.   Not an ideal solution but that is what we had to do today to support true single logout.   Ideally an enhancement for Okta or a new version of the SAML standard.
Adrian HuiAdrian Hui
Hi, would like to see if single logout of multiple SP's triggered from the IDP has been implemented in the latest version of okta.