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David Plante (ADMIN)David Plante (ADMIN) 

SWA Plug-in for IE 11 Installation Issue

I am having an issue installing the plug-in for SWA for IE 11.  Although the plug-in appears to install, when the browser is restarted and the user logs in it appears that the plugin is not installed and wants to repeat the process.  When you look at Manage Add-ons, it shows two Okta add-ons (Okta toolbar and OktaBHO Class), both of which are enabled.

Has anyone encountered this?

How has this been resolved?

ThomasThomas (Okta, Inc.) 
Hi David -
Here is a helpful document on enabling IE:


Or you may want to post your question to our Developer Discussion area:


David Plante (ADMIN)David Plante (ADMIN)
I have gone through the article with no success.  I will post on the developer discussion area.

Thank you,
api-workday api-workdayapi-workday api-workday
Hi David,

If your computer is under control of group policy their is a high likelihood that a policy has disabled ALL add-ons.

The behavior you describe is consistent with my confiugration, we have chosen to disable ALL IE add-ons. When i look in my add-ons I can see the Okta toolbar and the OktaBHO both enabled but they do not function.

We will soon be whitelisting the specific Okta CLSID's to allow them to function.


Hopefully this gets you pointed in the right direction.

Ian RocheIan Roche
Did you get this resolved I am seeing the same issue and anything mentioned above has not fixed the problem.

Edward HollidayEdward Holliday (Okta, Inc.)
I have a customer who had the following crucial! setting disabled by AD GPO .... or maybe it is disabled manually...
Note this is a prerequisite along with restarting IE for the IE plugin to successfully install:
Open IE 11 >Internet Options>Advanced>Enable Third Party Browser Extensions = Allowed

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Daphne BruneDaphne Brune
I'm having this same issue - but we none of the aforementioned items are a problem.  This doesn't happen to all of my users, but when it does happen it does it over and over.  Not a good look for me when I have to go there every week or two to redo their plugins for them.