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Patrick CesardPatrick Cesard 

Federated SSO: TFIM vs. ADFS vs. Okta


Has anybody looked at comparing the pros and cons of using TFIM (IBM) vs. ADFS vs. Okta?

I have a case where a company is using both TFIM and ADFS. ADFS is being used for cloud access like Office365 and therefore that could be a good reason for keeping it because of the tighter MS integration.

However Okta as we know offers a cloud solution with no hardware/software to maintain. WHich should make it a compelling choice.

Is there anything TFIM or ADFS can do that Okta cannot do?
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Hi Patrick,

I think that'll be a tough one to answer adequatly. There are certainly things that ADFS could do that Okta cannot i doubt they are doing them especially if they are running TFIM too. I think it is safe to say that Okta can almost always displace and simplify an ADFS O365 integration.

TFIM... are they running a host of other Tivoli identity managment products along with TFIM?